Bekavac: I got a whiplash neck sprain and I was numb from head to toe!

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Stipe Bekavac

Third FFC in Ljubljana in only one year offered its audience a real spectacle. The event was full of KO's while Croatian fans were all disappointed with Stipe Bekavac being knocked out as well.

Marcin Prachnio proved to be an extremely dangerous fighter. He defeated Božo Mikulić in Zadar and now he defeated Stipe Bekavac, an experienced Croatian fighter.

„It is true my defeat was the biggest surprise of this FFC and it happened because of something that surprised me as well and which completely annulated my tactics“, said Bekavac.

„Those who have been following my career know that I had problems with my spine and that I've been suffering from something called “discus hernia” ever since I had a car accident. It cured and I was sure this injury is something that would not come up again. However, when Marchin took me down I got a whiplash neck sprain and I got numb from head to toe.”

„For a second I thought he landed some illegal punch on me, but after I've seen the video, I realized what happened. My head was clear but my body refused to cooperate. It's something I wouldn't wish to my worst enemy. After that I could practically only try to save my life since I was not able to defend myself. I was lying there like a punching bag. It ended quite well having in mind the state I was in at that moment“, explained the fighter from Opatija.

Stipe also revealed more about his future plans.

“When it comes to my future plans, I have to take MRI and undergo a therapy. After some closer medical examinations, I will know more about my condition and when it comes to matches, first I wanna get healthy, and only then I plan to go back in the game. I hope I will soon be ready for new challengers. I am OK with this defeat and I'm looking only to the futrue.”

Stipe also revealed if he was still interested in a match with Alessio Sakara. “I change my opinion very hard. But now I only want to recover because I don't want something similar to happen, and then I'll move on.”