Bekavac: In the FFC title match I want to fight Alessio Sakara

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Stipe Bekavac

In the last week’s poll regarding the FFC title match, Fight Site readers gave most of their votes to Bekavac vs. Batinić match-up. However, many were against seeing two Croatian fighters in the ring. What makes it more interesting, one of the fighters in question also shares that view.

“I’ve seen fans want me to do a match against Matej Batinić, but I said what I think about that a couple of years ago. I don’t see the point of two Croatian fighters fighting at such a level. This is not Croatian MMA championship, but rather a respectable organization with many fighters from all around the world in in its roster”, said Bekavac.

“Batinić is a good fighter, he definitely has a nice career ahead of him, but it’s not likely he’ll fight me in the ring. Neither would profit from it. With this fight we wouldn’t attract the attention of big promotions, we would probably just satisfy some MMA fan’s thirst for blood,” added the Opatija Fight Club member.

In the end of this interview with Fight Site, Bekavac once again repeated he would like to fight the Italian and former UFC fighter Alessio Sakara. “Of course I would like to get a chance to fight for the FFC title and I hope I will fight an experienced fighter. I imagine Sakara would be a good opponent in such an important match!”