Chorchyp: I want to be calm when I enter the ring

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Denis Chorchyp

After his match at Final Fight Championship 12, Denis Chorchyp Porčić will enter the FFC ring again at FFC 14 that will take place October 3. His new bout will again take place in his hometown of Ljubljana, but this time his opponent will be Dženan Poturak from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At FFC-12 Chorchyp defeated Croatian fighter Darian Paladin. He dominated in all three rounds and gained advantage with aggressive style and brilliant punching combinations which secured him points with judges.

“That match against Paladin meant a lot to me. It was actually the most important match in my career. It was my first FFC match as well as a rematch. I lost my first match to Paladin and I wanted to see how much I improved. I was probably in advantage because I know his style and tactics”, said Slovenian fighter Denis Chorchyp who now has a score of 7 wins and 3 losses.

After this match that took place in April, Chorchyp did not rest.

“I trained every day. I had only one match since that which was organized by Amater and Profight Union in Domžale, Slovenia. I was supposed to fight in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the meanwhile, but my opponent did not show up because he had a car accident the very same day.”

Since he trained whole summer, Denis revealed he is ready for the new match.

“This summer I really trained hard and worked hard in my club. I have a lot of kids training in my club as well as grown-ups. So I'm busy all the time.”

Denis Chorchyp is also well-known rap artist in Slovenia.

“I also did some music during summer, but nothing special. I have a lot of ideas when it comes to music but I will dedicate myself to that when I quit fighting.”

He started with his preps for the match against Dženan Poturak a month ago in his hometown of Ljubljana and he claims he knows everything he needs to know about his opponent.

“Dženan is far more experienced fighter than me. I am so glad I am to fight him. I watched his matches, I've seen a lot and I have to admit I like his style. A year and a half ago I wanted to visit his brother Dževad and train with him. My friends went there to train, but I had too much work and was not able to join them.”

Denis also knows what to expect before the fight.

“Dženan is a good boxer; he does not avoid the clash. He constantly wants to fight, he attacks all the time and that makes him dangerous. I will have to be careful about his punches. My plan is pretty simple. I want to be calm when I enter the ring and do the match as best as I can. I want the audience in Tivoli to be happy with what's going on in the ring.”

After FFC 14 Denis plans to keep on with his trainings, fight at a new FFC event and keep coaching students in his club.