Cro Cop: Fedor and Wand in the audience will be extra motivation!

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Cro Cop

Mirko Filipović forecasted his new victory against Satoshi Ishii that he is to fight in two days on New Year's Eve in Tokyo, Japan. In an interview for the Japanese media Cro Cop stated he is well prepared and that he feels great before entering a match in which he is to defend the IGF title.

The Japanese media reported Filipović was in good mood despite the long flight and jetlag.

“I did my last match four months ago, while I my preps for this match took some six weeks. I even did not celebrate Christmas properly to stay in top shape“, said Cro Cop and added:

“In the past I did a lot of matches injured and that was the reason my performance was poor. This time I am in no pain whatsoever. I am completely healthy and I will enter this match with confidence. I'm not even thinking about the defeat despite the fact that it is a part of this sport and everything is possible.”

However, Ishii surely has his recent injury in mind which was the reason the whole match was in question, but in the end the Cro Cop vs. Ishii 2 is definitely going to happen. 

“I know he will try to take me down and try to take the dominant position on the ground. But everyone tries that and I know how to defend myself from that. I'm not worried about that“, claims the Croatian fighting sports legend.

Asked whether he would use his elbows that brought him victory in their first match, Cro Cop answered:
“Of course, if I will have a chance to use them.”

Cro Cop will also be in the company of Fedor Emelianenko and Wanderlei Silva, his two big rivals back from the Pride days since they will be Inoki's special guests at this event.

“I fought them, but they are my friends. The fact that they will watch me fight is only a motivation and encouragement. I hope I will deliver a good match!”, concluded Cro Cop.

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