Exclusive – Jarrel Miller: I gotta kill Cro Cop!

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Jarrel Miller

Preparations for the exciting WGP Final are entering their final stage, both for the organizers and participating fighters. Three fights in one evening are an extreme physical and mental exertion that can be handled only by the very best of the eight finalists.

In one of the quarterfinal bouts, home favorite Cro Cop will face 24-year-old American Jarrel Miller, also known as Vladimir Klitchko's sparring partner.

In anticipation of the K-1 WGP Final in Zagreb, Miller gave an exclusive interview for Fight Site.

Your first fight will be against YX. What are you doing to prepare for this match?

I've put all my energy into training. I train really hard, maybe harder than ever before. At the same time, I've put pictures of Cro Cop everywhere around me – in my car, home, gym, I even have a picture of Cro Cop on my cell phone screen. It's a great motivation for the fight.

What is your advantage over your opponent?

My advantage over all my opponents, including Cro Cop, is my heart. I come into each fight with a full heart. Also, I constantly have this mission that I need to kill my opponent!

What are your expectations for this tournament?

I expect victory. I expect to defeat any opponent that gets in the ring with me. I want all my hard work to pay off.

What does it mean for you to fight in the K-1 WGP Final?

As a child I used to sit in front of TV and watch K-1. Even then I dreamed of being one of those fighters. As a kid, I knew I belonged there and that I wanted to win the title. Today, when I have that chance, I think of it as a great result that I'll take advantage of the best I can.

Do you have any special ritual you do before each fight?

Yes, I eat a cheeseburger before each fight. It's a small ritual that I do and I believe it brings me luck. Other than that, I pray before the fight to put my opponent in a coma.

Badr Hari will replace Edwards in the tournament. What is your comment to his arrival?

To be honest, I don't care about his arrival at all. I've seen what he looks like. He was in jail without his "vitamins"? After five months in prison he's lost a lot of his strength. He's entering the tournament at the last minute and I think all he needs is a good beating.

What do you think of the fact that the K-1 WGP Final takes place outside of Japan (Tokyo)?

I don't care where the tournament takes place, in Japan or anywhere else in the world. The only thing I know, what I think about and care about, is that I gotta kill Cro Cop. I'm aware I can't beat a home fighter in Zagreb by a judges' decision.