Fadi Merza: I am proud of my career and it will be an honor to end it in the FFC ring!

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Fadi Merza

The kickboxing part of the FFC 16 event will also include a farewell match of one of the biggest Austrian fighters. At December 6, Fadi Merza will end his successful career by a match in the FFC ring.
This will also be Merza’s debut at Final Fight Championship and he is to fight Gianfranco Capurso from Italy in his farewell match.

“This will be my first fight at the FFC and I’ve chosen the FFC because it is a strong and professional organization that is getting better event by event. This event in Vienna has an amazing fight card and it will be a great pleasure for me to do my last match in the FFC ring”, revealed Fadi Merza who has been into fighting sports for more than twenty years now.

“I've been doing Muay Thai for twenty years now and I have more than 160 matches under my belt. During my career I made all my dreams and wishes come true when I started doing this sport professionally. I was six time world champion in different organizations. This was the best time of my life“, said Merza who had many tough and dangerous opponents in his career, but there are some of them he will always remember.

“I really had many tough matches. I also had seriously tough opponents that I enjoyed fighting with. One of them is definitely Mike Zambidis whom I fought at King’s Cup in Thailand in front of 100.000 people. I will always remember events such as King’s Cup. Great opponents, great atmosphere… Everything a fighter could wish for. I fought guys like Yoshihiro Sato, Kamel El Amrani, John Wayne Parr, Peter Crooke. Some of them I defeated and to some of them I lost, but at that moment they were top fighters and I will always remember those matches.”

Now when his career is about to end and when he is only a couple of days away from his farewell match, Fadi Merza does not regret a thing.

“I think I did my best. I have nothing to regret. I made all my dreams come true and I can only thank God for everything he gave me.”

His last opponent will be Gianfranco Capurso from Italy.

“I really don’t know a lot about him. I’ve seen some of his matches and I noticed he is quite an aggressive fighter. However, I prepared will and I’m ready for this match. It will be a real war!”

Merza will enter this match with a lot of emotions since it is not easy to close such an important chapter in one’s life.

“Yes, it will not be easy at all. It’s going to be hard and emotional last fight. This is the last one and I hope the crowd will love it and that all my fans will come and support me!”

Fadi Merza believes that all the FFC 16 spectators in Vienna will also enjoy the rest of the matches both when it comes to kickboxing and MMA parts of the event. But the next morning when he wakes up, a new chapter in his life is to begin.

“I will stay for sure in this spots. There are a lot of young talents in Austria. I will give them my support and try to pass my experience on the international stage to them. I hope we will have more FFC events in Austria and that this is just the beginning of our cooperation”, concluded Fadi Merza.

Interview by: Saša Marić