FFC debutant Jeremy Kimball will ‘show everybody the pure thrill of watching someone who truly loves what he does’

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Jeremy Kimball

Jeremy Kimball is one of the fighters who will make his FFC debut in Daytona Beach June 3. However, he is to have a tough task already in his first match since he is to face Matt Van Buren, TUF finalist and a fighter who already fought on the big stage.

But fighting on the big stage is nothing new to Kimball who had two matches in Bellator. Despite the fact that he did most of the matches in the middleweight division, he finally bloomed after he moved to light heavyweight category. He is preparing for his 13 cm taller opponent in Colorado Springs with his father, former kickboxer and shingitai jujitsu black belt as well as in MMA Lab in Phoenix, Arizona, where he is working with his coach John Crouch.

Kimball was introduced to combat sports by his father and he started to fight in MMA when he was only 18. After four amateur bouts he started to fight professionally and scored 12 wins and 5 losses.

Aggressive approach as response to difference in height

„I’m excited for this next fight against Matt Van Buren. He is an established name and anytime you can fight someone like that. It’s special. His strongest weapons are his range and his kicks, my advantage is my aggressiveness and my no quit attitude,“ began Kimball.

New chapter in light heavyweight division

„I have two fights at Light Heavyweight and I feel 100 times better than I ever did at Middleweight, I feel like I’m in better shape and just all around better.“

Goals: MMA belt and a kickboxing match in the FFC ring

„I love the FFC promotion, I love the ring, I love the style of fighters they have, and that they also do kickboxing. I can offer excitement and hopefully some epic battles that will be talked about for a long time in FFC history. I want to win the light heavyweight belt and also try my hand at kickboxing and show them and the world that no matter what I’m going to bring an amazing fight in any realm I fight in.“

Inconsistent in the first round

„I think I’m either a slow starter or a very fast starter. I have a bunch of first round finishes as well and I have a few I gave up a round and came back to win those fights, so I’ve been hit or miss and I have been putting work in to become more consistent with how I start. And that all comes with doing everything in camp right. I finally feel like I’m doing everything the right way and my last few fights have shown that.“

Initial losses soon turned to victories…

„I started early and fought some tough guys my first few fights, I think it was just settling down and becoming comfortable in the cage and working with some veterans in the sport and just realizing I belong in the cage with the best and confidence just grew from that. I started believing in myself and that makes all the difference.“

Brightest moments: Bellator and win over Chidi Njokuani

„My most memorable moment was getting signed to Bellator. Getting on a big show is what we all strive for and my biggest win was beating Chidi Njokuani because it opened a bunch of doors for me.“

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

„Shingitai jujitsu is still one of the gyms I train at. I started this as a kid, my dad taught me everything and just as a kid going with my dad made me love this sport and then doing a few grappling tournaments and joining wrestling in school… I was addicted to the one on one sport of it and just never let go of it.

„I love this sport and am so very excited to get in the ring and show everybody the pure thrill of watching someone who truly loves what he does,“ concluded Kimball ahead of his FFC debut.