I might be the favorite in Ljubljana, but anything is possible

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Stipe Bekavac

At the very beginning of October, the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana will once again host an FFC event. Slovenian combat sports lovers will have a new opportunity to enjoy performances by some of the best fighters in the region. This time first FFC title fights will spice up the event.

Slovenian fighter Lemmy Krušič and Antun Račić from Croatia will fight for the first FFC featherweight title. Moreover, Croatian star Stipe Bekavac will fight for the first time after his performance in Osijek when he defeated former UFC fighter Eddie Sanchez via spectacular KO.

This time Stipe will face a less tough opponent, at least when comparing their career and experience. However, he said he still planned to be cautious and he had no intention to underestimate his opponent.

"Marcin Prachnio might not have as much experience as I do, but ring is a place with slightly different rules and we often see that favorites do not always win necessarily. I agree I might be the favorite this time, but anything is possible in the ring, really. Especially in the light heavyweight category and with fighters who weight up to 100 kg on the day of the match”, said Bekavac.

How are your preps for the FFC 14 going so far?

"I have almost 20 days left, meaning that now in the toughest stage of preps when I mostly do sparring. I will do my camp again in Opatija Fight Club gym with my coach, Mladen Kranjčec, with a couple of special guest fighters who will do sparring with me. Therefore, I do not doubt I will be completely ready for everything. Prachnio will have a hard time surprising me.”

You recently said you would like to fight for the FFC title preferably with Alessio Sakara. Is there any news about it?

“Right now I’m maximally concentrated on the match with Prachnio, so I will talk about it with FFC leaders some time later, after my match in Ljubljana. I still want to fight Sakara. He is an extremely experienced fighter, but we’ll see what the future brings.”

Nevertheless, combat sports fans agree you should be given a chance to try to win the FFC title.

“That’s mostly because I defeated Eddie Sanchez in Osijek. FFC’s light heavyweight category is packed with great names. There are quite a few fighters who deserve to get the title shot and I hope I will be given a chance too. Of course, if I defeat Prachnio”, said the Croatian MMA fighter.