Jurković: I ditched New York to fight Poturak

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Igor Jurkovic

In his hometown of Poreč, Igor Jurković will have his already third fight in the Final Fight Championship. Each time he walked into the FFC ring so far he impressed. At Cro Cop Final Fight he beat France's Freddy Kemayo after an additional round, and at the FFC event in Split, in a battle in which both he and Raul Catinas fought to the last breath, he got another win, despite having suffered a hand fracture. At FFC 6, in a duel of two arguably the best kickboxing fighters in the region, he will test his strength against Dževad Poturak.

"If at FFC 3 in Split I managed to have the best fight of the evening with a broken hand, you wait and see what I can do in Poreč. Dževad has been known, even worldwide, for a long time as a very tough fighter in the heavyweight division. It will be a good fight for the entire Balkans to enjoy. I think this fight is getting the attention from the entire region. Of course I expect to win in front of my own crowd. I'll give all I can, without holding anything back. Fighting in Poreč is extra motivation for me and I'm honored to be in my home town in a top-class event in front of a crowd that wants to see me in the ring."

Starting next year, the FFC will have title fights. You'll have your third fight for the promotion in Poreč, and do you think you'll deserve an FFC kickboxing title shot in the heavyweight division if you beat Poturak?

"I hope I'll get the chance if I win. I think I've earned it."

Do you know what's next for you? There's been talk of fighting at a Glory event in New York on June 23.

"At this point, I don't have any special plans after Poreč. I expect to fight in September at FFC in Pula, which should be headlined by Zelg Galešić. I had a call from Glory to fight in New York, but the date wasn't good for me because I wanted to fight in Poreč. We came to an agreement in the end and the situation has ended up well for everyone."

So, you ditched New York for Poreč?

"[Laughs] Yes, of course. I said I really wanted to fight in my hometown at a top-level event in front of a crowd that wanted to see me fight."

Can you comment on the 8-man tournament to be held at Glory 9 in New York. Glory's most famous name in America Tyrone Spong is going down to 95 kilos.

"I think Spong is the absolute favorite of that tournament, the only thing I don't know is how he loses his weight so easily for MMA and kickboxing fights. That's pretty demanding and takes away a lot of energy. He's doing a great job, and if he's gonna fight like against Bonjasky in London, he's the number one contender."

Your hand is healed up, you've completed your preparations. How did that period go?

"I prepared with my regular team from the club under the guidance of coach Leo Komšić. Those guys are all pretty good, and Mladen Kujundžić joined them as well, so went they get into rotation in sparring, they set a hell of a pace for me. My hand is fine, I'm ready and awaiting the fight in a good mood. I'm glad the whole FFC story is going in the right direction. After empty stands in Split, the interest 's been growing visibly, I've also seen that Liverkick has praised the organization, so I'm glad that things are going the right way."