Matt Van Buren: ‘I am not looking forward to fighting in a ring but Kimball’s gonna get his ass whipped by me’

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Matt Van Buren

It is not completely clear why the UFC decided to release TUF finalist Matt Van Buren, but FFC seized this opportunity and inked a deal with this talented light heavyweight that is to make his debut at FFC 24 in Daytona Beach.

As fighter Van Buren proved himself in the 19th season of The Ultimate Fighter show and got to the finals where he was beaten by Corey Anderson. However, he also confirmed his talent in his next match with Sean O’Connell whom he defeated and won the ‘fight of the night’ bonus.

Despite this dominant victory, the UFC decided to release him without any particular explanation, but Van Buren did not give up. After UFC he did one match so far and now he is to debut in the FFC against Jeremy Kimball. Former Alliance MMA team member joined American Top Team in Florida but then settled with Blackzillians where he’s getting ready for his first FFC bout.

His post-UFC career

“Fighting outside of the UFC sucks. There’s no  money. I don’t want to get cracked in the head for minimum wage. The goal is obviously to get to the UFC as soon as possible because that’s where the money is at.”

Getting released after bonus

“I really don’t have an answer for that. I was a finalist on TUF with 2 KO’s and got fight of the season. Then I was clearly winning the O’Connell fight until I made a mistake. I got fight of the night and was released. I don’t understand it. I obviously didn’t do enough in their eyes to stay employed.”

ATT instead of Blackzilians

“I just wasn’t happy there. I didn’t really like the way things were run and I was always going with guys too big for me. Training at the Blackzilians is good. Neil Melanson was my coach at Alliance for a few years so it’s nice to be back with him. Henri really fits my style as well. Camp was great. Tough and technical.”

Jeremy Kimball and his game plan

“I know he’s gonna get his ass whipped by me. I’m not worried about anything he does. I’m better everywhere. Hands up and chin down. I’ll beat him up on the feet and take him down when he gives it to me. I believe I’ll finish by the end of second.”

FFC debut and future plans

“I have heard some good things about FFC. I just want to fight often and get paid. I’m taking everything one fight at a time so we will see how it goes.”

Not looking forward to the ring at all

“I am not looking forward to fighting in a ring at all. I have done it a few times as an amateur. It is a totally different game. I use the cage a lot so that will hinder me in some ways. I am not training any differently, i am just aware of the fact i need open mat takedowns and get ups.”

Why fans should come and support him

“Because I come to fight. I put on a show and I always look for the finish.”