Meet Eva Rusan – a new member of the Sci-Muscle team!

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Eva Rusan - 4 weeks out!

Eva Rusan is a new name in the Sci-Muscle team! The multiply awarded and extremely successful Croatian bodyfitness contestant has joined the Sci-Muscle team ahead of the National and European Championships scheduled in 4 and 5 weeks, respectively.

The start of a new season is ahead of you, including the National and European Championships. What are your expectations for those competitions?

I want to come out in the best possible shape, better than last year's. Considering that the bar was set very high last year with the second place at the European Championships, we're going for a medal this year too. To be more specific, gold!

What kind of competition do you expect at the European Championships?

The competition is always strong in the European Championships, but it remains unknown who's applied for the competition until the last moment. It will be a fierce contest, that's for sure. I'll get out there in my best shape and give everything to achieve the best possible position.

There are four weeks until the National Championships. How much are you satisfied with your current form?

It's already a competitive form, ready for the stage. In the next four weeks we'll be working on the details, such as quad and ab separation, and on posing.

What's the training like at this stage of the preparations?

I train 12 times a week. In the mornings, I do cardio, abs and gluteus on an empty stomach and practice posing, and in the afternoons I train with weights.

Throughout the week, I do two runs with weights for my entire body: I do legs separately since I think that that's where the most work is to be done and I need to fully commit myself to them in order to dry them well. I combine the back with the shoulders, and the arms with the chest.

What is your diet like in this period?

Before my morning cardio, I take a fat burner and amino acids. During the cardio, I drink green tea with vitamin C. After the cardio, I have a meal which consists of 50 grams of oats and 2.5 dl of liquid egg whites. I take 5 grams of glutamine and vitamins with that.

The first meal after breakfast repeats every other day: 50 or 75 grams of rice, 200 grams of chicken and a green salad. Every meal after that consists of chicken and green salad. I eat every 2-3 hours. Before the weights training I drink coffee (without milk), amino acids, L-arginine and vitamin C. After the training I drink whey proteins with 15 grams of dextrose and 10 grams of glutamine. Finally, before going to sleep, I take 5 more grams of glutamine and ZMA.

What do you miss in the definition period?


How do you mentally handle the preparations and diet regime?

By now I've already learned how to "shut off" and go into the preparations focused solely on the goal. As any woman, I have PMS crises when I miss chocolate, but those are very brief and I handle them by training and visualizing a medal around my neck.

Who's helping you with the preparations?

My coach and boyfriend Antonio Furić [European bodybuilding champion up to 100 kg and multiple champion of Croatia] and the official national team coach and our dear friend Mario Jarnečić.

What are your favorite results so far?

In the series of competitions I was in, there are three that stand out for me. Certainly it's my first National Championships in 2010 when I won the first place in the bodyfitness category up to 168 cm, the European Championships last year when I was the runner-up and the last year's Arnold Classic, where I came third.

What does the cooperation with Sci-Muscle mean to you?

Every help with my preparations means so much to me it can't be described, since we all know how expensive this sport is, and quality preparations for the competition itself cost even more. I'm glad that Sci-Muscle has recognized my potential and that they are willing and ready to support me in realizing my wishes, ambitions and goals and I'm hoping for a long term cooperation to the satisfaction of both sides.