Petje, Japan was fantastic, that is where I belong!

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Samo Petje

Last weekend dangerous Slovenian fighter Samo Petje had a fight in the cradle of martial arts. He gave a great performance in Japan against highly ranked fighter Hinatu Wanatabe.

Petje's victory by knock out in the second round surprised many viewers in attendance that night on Rise's hundredth event and there is no doubt that he earned himself another invitation to Tokio.

Your victory in Japan is perhaps the biggest victory in your career. Was the crowd in the venue surprised by your great performance?

"That is right, this was the biggest victory of my career and I consider it to be a new beginning for me. To be completely honest, I didn't pay much attention to the spectators, I was focused on my fight. I knew that I was the underdog coming to this fight but that was only additional motivation for me. I wasn't in this situation
for the first time, most of my career I have fought abroad. FFC's event in Ljubljana was the only one where I was the host and it was a great feeling. The crowd in the venue was definitely surprised with my KO victory and the organiser said that it was the highlight of the event."

Seems like your fan base has grown with this victory, especially in Japan?

"After the fight every man in the arena wanted to congratulate me. You can tell that Japanese people respect fighters very much, I haven't seen that anywhere else. They make you feel very welcome."

You said that you are going back to Japan later this year, do you have any specific details about that?

"We are currently in negotiations so I can't tell you anything specific. You will be informed when the time comes."

What about your plans before Japan? Do you have a fight scheduled?

"I have a fight scheduled in Glory and by the end of this year I should have another fight in Japan."

Are the fans in Japan more passionate than the fans in Europe?

"The feeling when you fight in Japan is phenomenal, especially when I found out that my first idol Masato was watching me, also stars like Peter Aerts and Andy Souwer were there.
The next time I fight in Japan, I think it will feel like I'm fighting in front of my home crowd."

Have you talked to your opponent after the fight, did he congratulate you? He probably wasn't expecting that outcome.

"He congratulated me and was very disappointed but he took it like a man. His coach was escorted out of the venue after the fight because he was very angry with him but that is nothing unusual. Coaches take their fighters losses very hard. All in all I had a great time in Japan, I can't wait to go back where I belong." Said Petje in his interview for Fight Site.