Krušič: Račić and I are not the same fighters we were four years ago when he defeated me

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Lemmy Krušič (foto: Milan Krušič)

In the upcoming two to three weeks, Lemmy Krušič will definitely be in the center of attention when it comes to regional combat sports scene since he is to headline the FFC 14 event that is to take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 3.

The event in Ljubljana will also be special since it is the first FFC event that is to include FFC title matches. Ljubljana hosted FFC in April and no one expected it would come back to Slovenia that soon. Neither did Krušič.

“Yes, I admit I was surprised FFC decided to come back to Ljubljana that soon. I head they're doing an event in Vienna and I hoped I'd get a chance to fight there, but in the end this way I can fight in front of my own audience”, said Lemmy.

Since 2009 you suffered only one defeat and that was from Antun Račić. Now you are to fight him again. Is this an extra motivation? “I actually don't even see it as a rematch. I am extremely motivated for that match and I'm preparing really hard. When we first fought I can't say I was that serious when it comes to preps, especially when I compare my trainings back then and now. Antun also changed a lot, now he's already a veteran in our region, but I made a progress as well. The only difference is his experience in big organizations such as M-1 Global, which I don't have. We are not the same fighters as we were four years ago when we fought for the first time.”

How much would the first FFC title in MMA mean to you in case you win the belt? Whom would you like to defend the title from? “It's hard to say. FFC belt would be the biggest success in my career, that's for sure, but whom would I like to fight? I will think about that when I win the belt. I haven't even done the match, so there is no point thinking about it. One step at the time.”

After your upcoming match in Tivoli Hall you will not have much time to relax since you have another match scheduled already. Can you tell us more about it? “That's right. Soon after the match in Ljubljana, I am to fight in Estonia in bantamweight category with an Estonian fighter who has a score of 7-1. By the end of the year I will also fight in Linz in the same category.”

What FFC 14 match do you find the most interesting? “Definitely Bekavac vs. Prachnio. Bekavac has this brutal stand-up techniques and that could be crazy.”

“I can't wait for the match, I hope that many people will come to see it and I wish good luck to all the fighters with as little injuries as possible,“ said Lemmy Krušič.