Rene Wimmer: I did not expect this title shot, but I plan to seize the opportunity!

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Rene Wimmer

Only one fight and one impressive KO over Cheick Sidibe were enough to secure Rene Wimmer a title fight and a chance to get the FFC belt. In this upcoming dangerous match he will cross his gloves with Denis Marjanović.

Wimmer had his FFC debut at FFC 26 in Linz and fought extremely experienced world champion Cheick Sidibe. This young Austrian fighter seized his opportunity despite the fact that he was obviously losing first two rounds. In the end he managed to KO much more experienced opponent.

This December 17 he is to fight at FFC Night of Champions in Zagreb.

Can you tell us your impressions about the FFC as promotion after your first fight?

It was nice to fight for the FFC! After my fight everyone who knows me speaks about that fight! But it is only the beginning.

Your match in Linz was a big turnaround in which you beat Cheick Sidibe. Is he the biggest name that you defeated? What were your impressions, from where did you draw your strengh and willpower for that 3rd round KO?

For me it was a great evening, fighting against a professional like him, on TV, knocking him out and all that in front of my family and friends in Linz… He was the biggest name in K-1! An experience fighter with good endurance and good kicks! We analyzed Cheick in a lot of videos, focusing on his week points. So I was waiting for the right moment. The strength came from my attitude never to give up!

Did you expect a title fight after performance like this?

No, I was surprised and happy about this chance! I will train hard for it!

Can you tell us more about your kickboxing career? When did you start to train and when did you start fighting? What were your first ambitions and did they grow with time?

I started with classical boxing when I was 15 years old, not to be a fighter, only to protect myself from crazy people and bullies! I was doing that for year, year and a half and made a break until I was 18. Then I started to train Muay Thai under my coach David Keclick and six months later I made my debut in Prague in Check Republic! At the end my nose was broken and I lost by points, but I knew that I want to become a professional fighter, because I love this sport and this feeling. At the beginning it did not really matter for me if I win or lose, I only wanted to fight and get some experience to get better.

What were your biggest influences in the beginning and what fighters are your inspiration now?

My favorite fighter is Mike Tyson! I like his style, he was a tough fighter with hard punches and maximum speed! Love that peek a boo style from Cus Damato! So I’m trying to combine that with legs and knees.

How about fighting sports in Austria? Are fighters apreciated enough in the public and media or government?

Well, fighting sports in Austria are not popular. Most people think fighters are criminals or stupid. That’s pity because they don’t see how beautiful this sport is and how much training is behind a good performance in the ring.

Have You watched some fights of your opponent, Denis Marjanović? He is one of the most experienced fighters in Southeast Europe. What are his skills that you will need to be most aware of?

Yeah I watched videos from him. It looks like a routine for him. With more than 40 wins! I think that’s enough to be aware of!

And what are your skills that he needs to be aware of?

I often compare fighting with chess.  So it will be an interesting fight and important for me to win. I have to become the FFC champion.

What would FFC title mean to you?

The FFC title would be a reward for the effort I put in in the last years and the proof that I am on the right way. It would be a big honor also.

Who are you when you’re not in the ring? What do you when you’re not fighting?

I’m a mechanical engineer, shift worker in a foundry called Nemak. I got my beautiful girlfriend Cori, we like to go to wellness and shopping. I got a dog called Capo, American Staffordshire Terrier, whom I spend a lot of time with walking and jogging. I am a funny guy, laughing every day and joking most of the time.