Sakara: In Vienna I will prove I am completely different fighter now!

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Alessio Sakara

This summer Final Fight Championship got reinforcement in the form of a top MMA fighter. Former UFC fighter Alessio Sakara became a part of the FFC roster and ever since then, the fighting sports fans are impatient to see his FFC debut. Sakara will enter the FFC ring for the first time December 6 in Vienna and his opponent will be Maciej Browarski from Poland.

Sakara does not need a special introduction. His eight year long career in the UFC where he fought with some of the biggest fighters in his division is well known to all. When he inked the deal with the FFC, he immediately said his goal was to return to the elite MMA ranks and that he did not give up on the UFC. However, his first stop on the way back to the UFC will be FFC 16 Vienna.

“I prepared for the fight in different parts of Italy. Most of the preps I did in Rome, but I also spent some time in Gorizia where i trained with Glory and K-1 champion Giorgio Petrosyan. I also did a part of my preps in the Netherlands with some of the world's best strikers but I also worked under the guidance of my American Top Team.”

Alessio's opponent, Maciej Browarski is a dangerous fighter and a real challenge for the Legionarius. The Polish fighter proved his skills at FFC 4 Zadar where he brutally KO'ed Jason Jones who was favorite in that match.

“I don't know him in person but I think he is a solid and good fighter. Nobody KO'ed or submitted him so far, which is a proof of his quality as a fighter. I saw his match against Jones at that FFC and I have to admit it looked really good. However, my advantage is my experience and striking techniques.”

Sakara had his last match more than a year ago. More precisely, it was at the end of September last year when he was defeated by Nicholas Musoka at UFC Fight Night. In Vienna we will see if this break left a mark on him.

“I'm a professional athlete and I never stop training whether I have matches or not. I am well prepared having in mind that this time I fight in light heavyweight category. I feel much better than I did before.”

Legionarius scored his last victory in 2010 when he defeated James Irvin via stoppage in the first round. After that he had four losses and was defeated by Chris Weidman, Brian Stann, Patric Cote and Musoke. It is an unpleasant streak of defeats he would like to end and take a new direction.

“I don't want make excuses but I was better than Cote in Canada. I was disqualified but the victory was mine. Other matches are different story. Unfortunately, I always had problem with cutting weight. However, I am a completely different fighter now. I promise you that!”

It is no secret Sakara wants to return to the elite MMA promotion. Proving his skills in the FFC ring is an ideal opportunity for that.

“UFC is the world's best promotion, but in this moment I want to do my best in my weight class. Mr. Orsat Zovko is on my side as one of my managers and he will help me to find matches in big organizations. I believe in him. If he decides it's time for the UFC, so shall it be. If he decides we go to Japan, we go to Japan. I want to thank him he trusts in me and I simply want to prove I'm a completely different fighter now that I fight in light heavyweight category.”

Judging by Sakara's words, it seems he wants to turn a new page in his career while his match in Vienna is to be a real spectacle.

“I promise I will give my 100% and it will be a war. I love toe to toe fights. That is my style.”

Sakara is extremely popular in Italy which was confirmed by his following statement.

“There is a bus of my fans coming from Italy, while the match will be broadcasted live on D-Max, owned by Discovery Network. It is first time an MMA match is live broadcasted on TV. Everybody expects me to win. They expect me to KO my opponent and I will fight for my fans. I want them to enjoy the match.”

In the end Sakara had a message regarding the FFC 16 spectacle in Vienna.

“Look at that fight card both when it comes to MMA and kickboxing. There are some great fights that will certainly thrill the audience. I think this is one of the best fighting events in Europe this year.“

Alessio Sakara is to have his FFC debut at FFC 16 Vienna and judging by everything he said, be sure not to miss the fight!