Shkodran Veseli: At FFC 16 you will see faster, better and more experienced Shkodran Veseli!

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Shkodran Veseli

Final Fight Championship, one of the best fighting sports promotions in Europe is to hold its 16th event in Vienna next month with Nandor Guielmino, Alessio Sakara, Shkodran Veseli as well as other top fighters and set fire to Multiversum Schwechat Hall!

On this occasion, one of the fighters who is to fight at FFC 16, Shkodran Veseli, and one of the best European kickboxers in the division of up to 77 kg who is to headline the kickboxing part of the event, told us a couple of words about his upcoming match.

Are you ready for the FFC 16?

Yes, of course. But I am a little sad since my opponent cancelled. Originally I was to fight Paul Daley for the FFC belt, but he cancelled and now I fight Douli Chen, but not for the title, unfortunately.

What do you think of your opponent?

I fought with him two years ago. I lost in the 3rd round via KO. He's a strong fighter and he fights until the last second. But this time I will show him different Shkodran Veseli. I am not the same fighter as I was back then.

You have FFC record 3-0. What is your favorite FFC fight and why?

Definitely the one with Stevan Živković. That fight was so full of action, we left our hearts in the ring that day.
You broke Živković's nose and jaw.

Would you like to make a re-match?

I would, but I have no idea when. Next year a have so many fight scheduled.

You fought and defeated Konsky in Zadar at FFC 13. Some people said that fight was one of the best FFC kickboxing matches ever. What can you tell us about that fight?

Konsky is a very tough fighter and has amazingly strong kicks. He was KO'ed but he remained strong. I enjoyed that fight so much.

What are your plans for the future?

What I would like to do is to fight with the best fighters in my division. In February I will fight with Darryl Sichtman from the Netherlands. Out match will take place in Switzerland, though, and this will be at the beginning of the next year. I also hope I will fight for the FFC title next year.

Who would you like to fight for the FFC belt?

It will come by itself. I don't mind who my opponent us. I just hope he will be stronger than me so I can make a good, tough fight.

What do you think about FFC organization?

FFC is a good event. Their team is extremely professional and cool. We understand each other very well. And I like them because they have a lot of respect for fighters who fight for them.

Do you have a message for Duoli?

I can say it will be nice to meet him again in the ring and I hope we will make a fight of the night!

What about your tactics?

I do have a game plan, but I cannot reveal it. You will see on December 6!