Stolzenbach: You can’t say no to FFC!

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Dennis Stolzenbach

Final Fight Championship that will take place in Porec this Friday, November 21, includes some excellent kickboxing and MMA matches. There will be two inaugural title matches as well, while Igor Jurkovic and Dennis Stolzenbach are to fight for the light heavyweight title in the KB part of the event.

Originally, Jurkovic was to fight Fred Sikking but after „The Istrian Warrior“ sustained an injury, the whole event was rescheduled and he got a new opponent – Dennis Stolznebach from the Netherlands.

“On Wednesday, November 5, I got a call to fight at FFC 15 against Igor Jurkovic. This is a fine opportunity for me, to fight at this big organization. It’s good for my rhythm,” said Dennis Stolzenbach.

When he received the call he did not know much about his opponent.

“I don’t know my opponent very well. He is a hard guy, strong, southpaw, in very good shape. It’s my task to find his weakness and we will see if I am able to do this. I hope we will make an exciting fight for the spectators. It does not matter who wins and who loses.”

Stolzenbach is quite experienced fighter. He proved his quality by winning the European heavyweight title in 2011 and 2012, while he was also Dutch light heavyweight champion. He also had matches with some of the top fighters who left the mark in the world of kickboxing.

“My biggest fight was against Gokhan Saki, current Glory champion. In the end I lost via judges’ decision but I’m happy with what I’ve shown in the match against such a big fighter.”

This year he has four matches, while his last opponent was Fabian Gondorf. The match ended as draw and Stolzenbach’s now has a shore of 39 wins (12 KO), 17 losses and 3 draws. In Porec he will seek a new opportunity to attract the attention of fighting spots fans and media.

“I hope it will be a great fight and that everybody will enjoy it. But most importantly, I hope it goes without injuries so I can soon fight again”, said Dennis at the end of the interview and added he would like to stress out he was honor FFC invited him to fight at their event.