Bulgarian bag – Wrestling prop becomes a worldwide hit

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Bulgarian bag

There are only a few workout props that attracted such an attention as it has been with the Bulgarian bag. Without exaggeration, the Bulgarian bag has been accepted by international fitness trainers and professional athletes to increase the muscle mass and flexibility of the body.

The Bulgarian bag as a sports prop was developed by Ivan Ivanov, a Bulgarian wrestler and the US national wrestling team coach, in 2005. Ivan designed this bag for training Greco-Roman wrestling.

You can perform a wide range of exercises using the Bulgarian bag, and most of them simulate pushing, shock, withdrawal, rotation … Training with the Bulgarian bag increases strength and endurance in the hands, arms, shoulders and back, as well as legs and improves body coordination.

Bulgarian bags made of solid PVC material and filled with sand can be purchased at Fight Stuff.
Available weights: 12, 16, 18, 20 and 22 kilos!