Do you want the best for yourself? Sci-Muscle Impact X5 is the protein for you!

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Sci-Muscle Impact X5

When you ask the experts, which are the two main criteria for proving the quality of whey protein after it is put in the shaker, the answer is always the same: Solubility and whether the protein foams.

In a huge number of ​​proteins available in the market, you can always find one that is cleaner than others. Croatian bodybuilders Klancir Peter and Mark Baric have made their selection – Sci Muscle IMPACT X5! This is without doubt the purest form of anabolic protein ever made and available for sale.

SCI-MUSCLE IMPACT X5 is with out doubt the purest form of anabolic protein available to date. IMPACT X5 represents the next generation of proteins – a four type protein and Colostrums delivery system constantly keeping your muscles flushed with the essential amino acids needed for hard, powerful muscle growth.

IMPACT X5 Protein delivers exactly what your muscles need. Each serving of IMPACT X5 Protein is a precisely engineered formula designed with the sole purpose of force-feeding your muscles the type of anabolic amino acids necessary to fuel insane levels of muscle growth. Put simple, nothing compares to IMPACT X5 Protein. IMPACT X5 is manufactured in state-of-the-art UK facilities.

All compounds used to formulate IMPACT X5 have been carefully chosen to produce constant muscle growth.

IMPACT X5 does not contain the standard one source off protein but four plus Colostrum!

This proven formula gives both a fast and substantiated release off muscle bursting amino acids whilst increase protein synthesis.

All Sci-Muscle products are with the mark "Limited Edition", "Premium Quality British" and meet the ISO9001 standard. Do you still have any doubts about what whey protein to choose for yourself?