How to keep yourself motivated in martial arts?

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Motivation can be defined as a set of psychological factors driving an individual to act toward the realization of his or her goal. Still, how come that some give up on their goals very easily, while others keep going and become champions.

How many times have you heard the sentence: "He had all the prerequisites, but no will at all"? Or at the opposite end of spectrum: "With his persistence he managed to do everything he wanted"? Let's imagine two these statements are about fighters – the only difference between them being motivation (or the lack thereof in the former). In truth, no one wants to lose their motivation, but it still happens.

Psychologists advise three seemingly straightforward things to keep your motivation:

1. Set yourself a goal!

Set yourself one major goal and a series of others below it, standing on the way towards the big one. Give yourself a task to accomplish one of those smaller goals, for instance, every two weeks. Write those goals down on a piece of paper and place it in a visible spot. Yes, we know it sounds stupid to you, but psychologists claim "only that which is written has a chance to become reality"!

2. Keep track of your progress!

Put your trainings in writing every day and keep track of your progress. In this way, you will remain motivated throughout the process because you'll be aware of your path toward achieving your goals. It's especially satisfying to mark down DONE! after completing one of those goals.

3. Write a list of reasons to achieve your goals!

This is one of the ways many coaches keep their protégés motivated. If you have at least one reason, you will stick to it and it will be before your eyes in those moments when motivation starts to desert you. The more reasons you have, the more certain your progress will be.

Even among professionals, there are but a few athletes who've never had moments when their motivation was lacking. There are periods in life when it seems to you that reaching any goals set is mission impossible. In those critical moments, it is essential for you to find your inner strength and keep working. When the crisis is over, you'll be pleased you didn't quit!