One move for big shoulders – Seated dumbbell shoulder press

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Seated dumbbell shoulder press

How much of you like free weight exercise that can be done sitting down? At the same time, how much of you think those exercises are not enough hard-core?

Never the less, there is one exercise that brings real benefits – it is seated dumbbell shoulder press.


There are three deltoid heads that will be activated during performing seated shoulder press. Even though the anterior deltoid gets most of the work, the medial, and the posterior deltoids are also included and get some of the action with this free weight exercise.

How to correctly perform a shoulder press?

1. Sit upright, with your back against a vertical bench. Your head and shoulders should all be on the bench pad.
2. Pick up dumbbells, keeping your shoulder blades down. Exhale slowly as you push the bar over your head, until your elbows are straight. Remember your posture; keep your lower back straight and be careful not to bend your wrists.
3. Bring the dumbbells down to shoulder height. Repeat the motion as per your exercise plan.

The seated shoulder press is an intense free weight exercise; you will not have the strength in your legs to help manage the weight. It is for this reason that exercisers will often use a spotter for this exercise.

So, apart from the shoulder growth, and socialization needs will also be satisfied.