Remember: Six-packs are made in the kitchen!

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Losing weight sometimes seems like a mission impossible, right? One of the reasons is that people often lack knowledge, thinking that starving is the best way to get rid of excess fat, but this is the very route to getting the worst result and, finally, giving up.

Obesity is a disease of the modern world, with a growing number of persons fighting it across the Western Europe and the United States. According to the American Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, unless controlled, 75% of Americans will suffer from obesity by 2020.

Among those who decide to go on a diet, the biggest obstacle and thorn in the eye is the fat tissue in the stomach area. It is this part of the body which gives the most trouble, but with a proper workout and nutrition, even a beer belly can go away. Namely, fat accumulates quicker and easier on the stomach than anywhere else, and this is the so-called stubborn fat, the hardest one to burn. The fat will first appear on the front part of the stomach, and when it starts to spill sideways, you should know things are getting serious and it's time for some hard work to stop this process.

You won't get a flat stomach with sit-ups

The first and most important rule is not to reduce your food intake, but to introduce food that help you burn fat. The wrong choice of exercises is a typical reason why people work out without achieving desired results. Many think that by doing hundreds of sit-ups a day they would get rid of excess stomach fat. There is also a bunch of those who will buy various aids daily advertised on TV. But both groups will soon realize there is no end result.

Namely, when you perform sit-ups, your abdominal muscles increase their volume, which makes your stomach even bigger. What you need is to reduce fat above the abdominal muscles, which will not happen by inflating the muscles below them. For example, running is a great exercise to achieve this. In general, every aerobic activity (running, fast walking, cycling, elliptical trainer) will speed up the loss of fat tissue which is why we recommend doing this kind of activity every day.

However, in your quest to reduce abdominal fat, nutrition is the key factor. We will list some food products that may seem "fatty" to you at first, but the truth is, this food contains the so-called good fats that will help you lose unwanted fat.

You diet should contain:

  • Olive oil,
  • Eggs,
  • Coconut oil (butter),
  • Avocado, and
  • Nuts.


At the same time, avoid and get rid of the following:

  • High-fructose syrups,
  • Refined oils,
  • Fast food,
  • Processed soy products, and
  • Processed meat products.

In ignorance and lack of imagination, many will starve themselves and eat only a small array of produce, which will quite often lead to giving up. Instead, play with your food, allow yourself some spices and you will see that food can be both delicious and prepared with imagination. This is the only way to get to those coveted abs.