Badr Hari arrested again!

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Badr Hari

Badr Hari cannot seem to get out of – jail. Yes, jail. “Bad Boy” of the international fighting sports scene ended up behind the bars again in Marrakech, Morocco.

His latest arrest happened this week and the reason was a typical one when it comes to one of the most popular kickboxers today. Hari had “an incident” with a group of British tourist infront of his hotel. Some media report there was no physical confrontation but given the mess that was created, the police arrested him and he ended up in jail of the nearby police station.

The famous star was soon released and he returned to his hotel. A couple of days ago Hari fought at GF3 event in Dubai against Arnold Oboratov. The Moroccan fighter won after practically first firm punch. The Lituanian fighter fell and did not get up again. Hari allegedly got over a million dollars and he apparenly went to celebrate it to his homecoutry.