Badr hari claims Hoost tried to make a deal about a match!

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Bard Hari

Badr Hari will soon have his autobiography published which will surely be full of interesting stories. One of them is related to Ernest Hoost.

According to a Dutch portal, Badr Hari accused Hoost of trying to set up a match in 2008.
“He once tried to make a deal with me, it was on Hawaii in 2008. He proposed I take it easy for the first two rounds and really see who's the best in Round 3. Hoost, the coward.”

Ernesto Hoost denies the accusations. “I did talk to Badr about fighting at one time, but this is completely made up by him. Total nonsense.”

The match in question happened in 2008 at K-1World Grand Prix on Hawaii where Hari fought Croatian fighter Domagoj Ostojić. The weird and unclear thing about Hari's story is the fact that Ernesto Hoost would not have anything out of it since he was already retired. If Hari talked about the future it would perhaps make sense because of Hoost's comeback, but that is something only Hari knows.