Badr Hari knocks out Leko and Graham and wins $350.000 dollars

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Badr Hari

Bard Hari became the winner of the GFC3 heavyweight tournament held in Dubai. It took him only 3 minutes to defeat Stefan Leko and Peter Graham and thus he earned $350,000.

Stefan Leko in the semifinals and Peter Graham in the finals of the tournament did not manage to stand up against the Moroccan fighter who needed barely three minutes to score two victories and earn quite a nice sum of money.

In the semifinals Hari met with the legendary Stefan Leko, but it soon became apparent that Leko cannot deal with his opponent. He ended up on the mat after only 20 seconds. He fell down in the middle of the first round again and the match was ended by TKO.

In the finals, Hari fought against Peter Graham who had enormous support from the spectators and whose path to finals was much rougher. It took him four rounds to defeat Arnold Oborotov from Lithuania.

Tired and exhausted, 38 year old Graham was also not able to resist Hari who needed only 1 minute and 20 seconds to end the match and earn $350,000.