Badr Hari released from prison, again!

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Badr Hari

Kick boxer Badr Hari has been again released from prison on parole. The Moroccan was returned to jail after violating his probation, going to a restaurant.

The Court in Amsterdam determined that Badr Hari should be released from prison to await his upcoming trial for the charges that he faces. Once again, there are certain conditions for his release. Badr can't go to public places, such as restaurants, between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

Also, Hari is forbidden to come into contact with witnesses, except his girlfriend Estelle Cruyff who spoke in court today. As a reason for Hari's release the Court stated concern for the fighter.

Badr Hari is suspected for several assaults with the major one happened last July in Amsterdam Arena where the 38-year old Koen Everink got badly beaten up.