Both Artem Levin and Simon Marcus complain about refereeing after GLORY title fight draw

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Glory 21

Glory 21 took place last weekend in San Diego with middleweight champion Artem Levin and Simon Marcus as headliners. After the final gong, the match ended as draw which made no one happy. Both fighters left the ring unsatisfied.

Artem Levin is not too happy about the point that was taken away from him in the 3rd round for clinching. He believes the referee was wrong, despite the fact that he was not playing by the rules that say clinching is forbidden without action. Levin believes it is OK for five seconds…

“Every time I fight in GLORY the referee is talking to me about taking a point away. Why? The rules allow five-second clinch, active clinch. I am quick, I am hitting knees, this is not right, what they do. I do not like it”, explained Levin.

Marcus was also dissatisfied with judges.

“Bullshit. I won that fight,” stated Davis.