Briggs does not give up, Klitschko pulls his beard! (VIDEO)

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Vladimir Klitschko simply cannot escape from Shannon Briggs who uses every opportunity to challenge the Ukrainian boxer.

Shannon Briggs does not give up on his attempts to challenge Vladimir Klitschko. This weekend Briggs is to fight Mike Marrone and some of the former heavyweight fighters will watch their match that is to take place on Florida.

One of them will also be Vladimir Klitschko. With Klitschko and Briggs in the same room, it was obvious that something had to happen. While the Ukrainian boxer did interviews, Briggs showed up and asked for a shot to fight him. The things were under control until Klitschko pulled Briggs beard and said:

“Grow you beard until the match so I can punch it off your face.”

Briggs did not give up and Klitschko replied:

“We'll talk after the match.”