Briggs to Klitschko: Forget Jennings! Pick me!

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Shannon Briggs

Wladimir Klitschko is to defend the title April 25 in New York and his opponent was to be Bryant Jennings. However, there was a problem in negotiations regarding the details of the match which Shannon Briggs used immediately.

Bryant Jennings is undefeated in his professional career and has scored 19 wins out of which 10 via stoppage. However, the negotiations on the match do not go so well and the organizers are thinking about other options and other opponents who could attract the media and public attention. There were some speculations that Klitschko’s new opponent might be the winner of the WBC title match, that is, Doentay Wilder or Bermane Stiverne. However, Shannon Briggs would also like to get a shot.

“Forget Jennings, pick me! Let me fight in Brooklyn, I’ll sell it out. The whole world is gonna be talking about me. No one has this much enthusiasm, no one has this much motivation. I was this more than I want anything because I’ve tasted it before, I’ve had it before and a lot of this has to do with revenge, I want revenge”,Briggs said and added: “The reason they should pick me is because of the viewership and ticket sales. I’m from Brooklyn, I was born on Atlantic avenue, right down the street from where Barclays Center is. Everybody knows me, we’re gonna sell it out. I’m just looking forward to becoming the heavyweight champion for the third time, I’m just trying to make it happen.”