Conor McGregor discusses completion of training camp for Floyd Mayweather (VIDEO)

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It’s just a week before fight night, and Conor McGregor has completed his last day of sparring for his bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although if you ask the two-division UFC champion, he doesn’t even consider them as that. To him, they’re fight simulations.

“True fights in the ring, there’s been no spars here,” McGregor said in an interview for his own outlet, The Mac Life. “That referee, there’s point deductions and it’s full on fight, so I’m ready.”

McGregor spent weeks at the UFC’s new Performance Institute, which made him available to cutting edge training on the new facility that had altitude chambers, underwater treadmills, cryosaunas and other features.

“I’ve taken this very seriously. No stone has been left unturned,” McGregor said. “From nutrition, from the cardio side, from the rounds, from the ruleset, from the canvas of the ring, from the size, the tension in the ropes, I’m a true professional here and this is how I do it.”