Cro Cop at a crossroads: I need some rest and then I’ll decide on my career!

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Cro Cop (Photo by Fight Channel/Ivana Kaurloto)

Mirko Filipović is definitely at a major turning point. On March 15 in Zagreb Arena he realized one of his biggest goals, finally winning the K-1 World Grand Prix belt and many have advised him since that now is the right time to finish his career.

The public opinion is rather divided, although the option suggesting Cro Cop to end his career currently leads in the Fight Site's poll, but it seems that Cro Cop has yet to make his decision.

"Anything more than this would be too much to ask, I think this is the ideal time to retire, but I'll still think hard on this. For me it was a very emotional and special evening when I managed to take the belt, even though I'd been written off by many. On that evening I was the oldest participant, ten years older than each of the other fighters on average, but I still proved what persistence, discipline, strength of will and real motivation mean. This is really the top for me, the crown of my career," Mirko said for Media servis, as reported by

"Now, first comes rest, and then the decision whether to end or continue my career. I'm not bothered, anything more than this would be too much to ask, and I'm not that kind of a guy. I'll see. If there is going to be a challenge or not. Even if there is none, I, for now, have nothing to regret about. I've had a wonderful and rich career which has been crowned by this K-2 belt, so even if there's nothing else, I'll be happy and proud.

"We'll see what comes out of all that. I'll define my challenges, if there are any at all. A man's got to be realistic too. On September 10 I'll be 39. Although training doesn't pose that much of a problem for me, it's, I've already said that many times before, that discipline that kills me.

"One great coach who was in the Arena on the night gave me a hug and said, 'Cro Cop, please retire now, that's what smart people and real champions do.' A man retires when he's on top. Many greats in this sport fell for that trap and didn't retire on time, so it turns into some kind of a 'sports prostitution', and they start fighting for a few dollars. They lose one, two, three, then they want to save face, then they lose another two or three, and they don't want to say goodbye with so many defeats. I think this is the ideal time to retire, but still I'm going to think this through and get some rest from everything, regenerate my body and psyche, and then I'll make and announce the final decision," the best Croatian fighter of all time stated.