Cro Cop: Miller is a loudmouth who’ll get his ass kicked!

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Cro Cop

Fans are getting more impatient with each passing day as the K-1 World Grand Prix Final in Zagreb Arena approaches, and it seems that Mirko Filipović isn't handling the anticipation too well either, as he'd much rather sleep until the next Friday.

"Nobody likes that feeling of anticipation which is something like when you're waiting to face a firing squad. Please shoot me now, let me skip those seven days of agony. I'm overstating, of course, but it definitely isn't easy. I'm not afraid to fight, I've been doing that my whole career, but I am afraid of losing and experiencing failure. A failure would be losing in the first match to Jarrell Miller. I must not let that happen. I have to give my best so that, if I do lose, I'd know I didn't enter the tournament unprepared or by luck, on my ass, as they'd say back home," the best Croatian fighter said in his statement for the Večernji list daily newspaper.

His opponent Jarrell Miller has been quite vocal from the outset, ever since he was told he'd fight Cro Cop in the quarterfinal, with some rather distasteful statements, saying he was out for blood and that he was coming with a mission to kill Mirko.

"In our sport, the rule was always to beware those who are calm and quiet, who say they'll give their best, and loudmouths usually get their ass kicked," Cro Cop responded when asked to comment on Miller's words.
While in the best case scenario Mirko will have three fights in one evening and ultimately maybe even win the K-1 champion's belt, Mirko hasn't prepared for any specific opponent.

"I haven't been preparing for anyone specifically; I did my standard training routines, with plenty of condition workout. I don't do any special scouting of my opponents, I've never liked that and didn't blame myself after defeats for not studying my opponent well enough. Maybe that was the reason in some cases, but I wasn't self-critical on that account," Cro Cop revealed.