Dana White: “Floyd Mayweather refused to do Dublin press conference”

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McGregor, Mayweather Jr. i White

Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London were four cities in which Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather greed to do a media tour for their upcoming match in August.

However, according to the UFC President Dana White, Mayweather categorically ruled out a press conference in Dublin, Ireland.

“We wanted to do this world tour, we talked about going to Texas too and obviously Dublin made a lot of sense but there’s no way Floyd was gonna go to Dublin,” White said prior to the London press conference.

“Absolutely [he said no]. We’re in London and this is hostile territory for him. Imagine Dublin, and that guy’s gotta go stay in a hotel somewhere and get in a car and drive somewhere. I wouldn’t go to Dublin if I was him either, I don’t blame him.

“I talked to Al Haymon [Mayweather’s adviser] about it; ‘yeah, we’re not going to Dublin.’”