Gerges: Londt is a tougher opponent than Badr Hari for me!

K1 / BoxingHIGHLIGHTED 11.03.2013 09:20h Author:

Hesdy Gerges

Hesdy Gerges is not in an enviable position when it comes to his draw in the K-1 Final. Already in the quarterfinal bout he will face extremely dangerous Ismael Londt, and in case he goes through many believe he'll battle Badr Hari in the semifinal.

However, while there are many of those who think Badr Hari, alongside Cro Cop, is the biggest favorite to win the tournament, he does not see Hari as a particular problem, as he has revealed for a Dutch media outlet that he even considers Londt to be the tougher opponent.

"First I have to beast Londt and I see him at this moment as a more difficult obstacle than Hari. It would be nice if things could unfold so that I get to the final with a win over Hari, and I'm definitely ready for everyone," Hesdy said.

The Egyptian, who has already stayed in Croatia on several occasions, including private visits, has a career score of 41 wins and 11 losses, and in his last fight he knocked out American Carter Williams with a knee kick in the third round at a Superkombat event in late 2012.