Gerges: “Nobody can beat me in Amsterdam”

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Hesdy Gerges is preparing to defend Amsterdam’s honor this Saturday night in the co-headline fight of GLORY 45 AMSTERDAM.

The veteran heavyweight is facing Croatia’s Mladen Brestovac and says that the Croatian has “no chance” of beating him in his own back yard.
“Fighting in Amsterdam gives me something special, its like I am fighting for my home town. I never lost in Amsterdam actually, I am 20-0 here. Nobody has any chance against me in Amsterdam,” he says.

“I think the fight ends in the first or second round. I will knock him out on the legs or on the head… I am going to demolish him and after that we drink a beer together.”

The fight is Brestovac’s first GLORY outing since coming runner-up in the GLORY 35 NICE Heavyweight Contender Tournament late last year. His semi-final KO of Jahfar Wilnis was a contender for ‘Knockout of the Year 2016’ and between then and now he has gone 2-0 outside of GLORY.
GLORY 45 AMSTERDAM takes place this Saturday at the Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam, Netherlands.