Gökhan Saki reveals why he parted with Glory

K1 / BoxingHIGHLIGHTED 24.03.2015 14:14h Author:

Göhkan Saki

One of the world's best kickboxers Gökhan Saki is no longer part of the Glory roster. His match at GFC against Sebastian Ciobanu that will probably bring him more money has already been officially announced.

In his last interview with Dutch media Saki explained why he parted with Glory and stated money as the only problem.

In the last couple of months Glory's leaders have been discussing the ways to cut costs and to make their events more profitable. Their plan was to concentrate on the US market since they suffered the least financial deficit there which means they are to focus on fighters popular in the US. Tyrone Spong and Gökhan Saki are not among them while they are Glory's two most expensive acquisitions. They both fought at Glory 15 which had the worst ratings in the history of the promotion in the USA, that is, on Spike TV.

But Saki, as he stated himself in the interview, does not care. He does not have a problem with Glory but does not want to fight for less money than his worth, which is a couple of thousand dollars. Moreover, Saki added that the campaign is being ruined by the American influence that does not recognize kickboxing as such while he also stated they always treated him well in Glory.

While the fans would love Glory to prevail and does not suffer K-1 destiny, it is obvious that kickboxers have to realize that their price depends on the market which in currently not in favor of expensive fighters such as Gökhan Saki.

After a longer break, Glory is to return with an event in Dubai April 3.