Gokhan Saki: Glory does not appreciate me, I cannot fight as much as I’d like to!

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Gokhan Saki

It’s been eight months since Gokhan Saki had his last match, but he is the least guilty for that. He openly spoke about the internal issues in Glory that simply does not put up enough events, while Saki also believes he is not being appreciated enough as champion.

Gokhan Saki’s last match was in April when he defeated Tyrone Spong in an unfortunate match that will always be remembered by the Dutch fighter’s leg fracture. Saki then won the light heavyweight title, but despite the fact that he was healthy and ready the whole time, he never got a chance to defend the title.

"I haven't fought for way too long now. The reason for this is GLORY; they decide who fights at an event and how often. Of course you have a contract that covers the amount of fights you should have each year, but GLORY did not honor that either. I think if you want to grow as a brand, you need to make sure the fan favorites fight as often as possible. GLORY has different ideas about that," said Saki to Mixfight.com.
When he became the champion, he expected the real deal to begin, but he was wrong. Now he is seriously thinking about accepting the MMA fights.

"It's my goal to be a champion and be the best regardless of the organization. If you're the best you should fight in the biggest event, especially if it's in your contract! But like I said, they're not giving me the agreed amount of fights. I think that's because GLORY lost track of who's in charge; too many captains make a ship sink. For my part I don't feel appreciated as a champion. I never thought people would want to see me try my hands at MMA so badly. Maybe it's a bit because of Bas Rutten who loves my fighting style and was always curious about how I'd do in the cage. I love fighting, so bring it… 'if the money is right!!'"

In the end he remembered the glory days of the sports: "When I fight it's always my party so to speak. I still think about the K-1 times a lot, the Dutch battles we had in Japan. The Japanese loved crazy entrances, that made the atmosphere. GLORY ended that and I miss that and the times I had at Golden Glory."