Gokhan Saki’s official statement on vacating his GLORY title

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Gokhan Saki

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans worldwide for their many years of support. Also my family and my dear friends who have always believed in me.v

Having said that, it will not have escaped your attention that Glory did vacate my Glory Light Heavyweight Title. This means that from now on, I am not the champion anymore. I won the belt at GLORY 15 in April 2014, defeating Tyrone Spong and Nathan Corbett in the four-man tournament in Istanbul, Turkey. Even though this fight came in last minute for me, with only two weeks of preparation and some serious back injuries, i came through and fought for my fans!

Glory failed to come to an agreement with me on a new contract and the ‘rules’ at Glory are, that if you don’t defend your title within one year, your title will be vacated!

The title that I have trained hard for, fought hard for, and earned with my blood, sweat and tears is now taken away from me. The respect that people have for me, it is not given, it is EARNED! I have always been humble and polite but maybe now it is the time to change that a bit, no more mister nice guy!

The match for the new light heavyweight champion will probably be between Saulo Cavalari, Zack Mwekassa and/or Danyo Ilunga (free promotion here for you guys, thank me later). The fight will probably take place in the USA on Sept.19, 2015 in the Bellator Dynamite event.

Not only did Glory disappoint me and my team with their decision, they are disappointing all kickboxing fans worldwide! If you want to be the best, you got to beat the best and with me still here, that ain’t gonna happen! You want to talk business and statistics? Oke let’s go.

Look at my fans worldwide, my social media (twitter, facebook, instagram), I have about half a million followers in total! I fill arenas with my fans, because of me they sell ticket after ticket and get more views!! I am one of the most populair kickboxers out there. Look at the fighters which Glory is bringing to the USA for the belt, Cavalari, Mwekassa and Ilunga, these 3 guys COMBINED don’t even have 20 thousand followers in subtotal. Ask the people in Europe, ask the people in Japan, ask every kickboxing fan out there, to make a top 3! The names that will fall are Gokhan Saki and Badr Hari. If you ask them about Cavalari, Mwekassa or Ilunga, they will answer: ”WHO?”. Nobody knows them. You want people to pay a full ticket to see a movie in the cinema, you better give them an A-Movie with A-Actors, because that is what they deserve, they want to be entertained. What Glory is doing now, is giving an B-Show with B-fighters. How can you even as a fighter be happy with the belt after you won it, knowing that you didn’t beat the best, knowing that I am out there and I would beat the fuck out of you.

Bellator fans, the people in the USA are not going to see top quality kickboxing and this is bad for the sport. When you win the belt on Sept. 19 you can keep the price money but I expect the winner to hand the belt over to me and acknowledge that he didn’t beat the best. I mostly don’t talk like this and maybe there are a lot of emotions right now. But now that I offended anyone, I did that on purpose and I’m not sorry about it.

Gokhan Saki

PS: you are forcing fighters to sign the contracts, if they dont agree with whatever bullshit terms you guys give, they wont fight and if they dont fight, you will take away their title and belt. Nice policy!