Habazin becomes world champion!

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Halaši vs. Habazin

The best Croatian professional female boxer Ivana Habazin scored a victory of her career this weekend and won the title of world IBF champion.

Ivana's opponent was 29-year old Sabrina Giuliani and even after ten rounds it was not easy for judges to decide. However, the talented Croatian boxer won by Majority Decision.

How much it meant to her she described on her Facebook profile:

"So, one period of my life received recognition. My huge effort and sacrifice finally paid off. My impression – that was not my maximum and I want to be better… But I am happy, extremely happy. Thank God who gave me the strength. I want to thank my coach Vlado Božić who made it all happen, who trusted in me, who taught me how to trust in myself, who was with me when I was capricious, when I was falling and when I was rising, who taught me not only how to box, but how to live as well. He is more than just a coach; he is like a father to me."

"I also want to thank Daniela Ratković and Domagoj who made it all happen. I want to thank Luka Škrinjarić who prepared me mentally, to Barbara Horvat for her advice and help; I want to thank my family, my friends and everybody who supported me. Thank you. I just cannot wait to come home and stuff myself hehe", wrote Ivana.