Jennings: ’I still consider myself the best heavyweight in the world. Let’s do number two!’ (VIDEO)

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Boxing experts agree Bryant Jennings did not disappoint in the match against Wladimir Klitschko . The Ukrainian fighter dominated due to his strength as well as with some „wrestling moves“ thus not giving Jennings enough space to throw punches. However, the American boxer managed to avoid Klitschko's bombs. In 12 rounds Klitschko managed to land only a couple of punches and Jennings was not event once shaken.

This is why he believes he ears the rematch.

“This fight does not penetrate my confidence or anything negative towards my career,” Jennings said. “Some people may have expected me to be highly upset or down. I ain’t down. I ain’t upset. This is the sport. And for those that don’t understand, when you get in those four squares, it is what it is. Tonight I fought all 12 rounds. I expected to do well, which I did. But not everybody expected me to do well. So I’m hoping I gained some respect, and I know I gained some fans. I’m not bitter. I’m not upset. I’m not mad, but I really think that I came out with the fight. And you already know what I’m calling for – let’s do this thing again. Let’s do number two,” said Jennings at the post-fight press conference.

“I seen him huffing and puffing, I seen him doing all that,” Jennings said. “I brought it to him every single round, and whatever that Steel Hammer was, it didn’t penetrate this unexperienced, too small, bad foot work… I done heard it all. Man, please. I’m happy. I hope everybody in here is happy. If you’re Klitschko fans, be happy. If you’re my fans, be happy. Because I’m not mad. I still consider myself the best heavyweight in the world. I just did my thing,” concluded the American boxer.