Knockout win puts Doumbé into title contention

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Photo: Glory

In the lead-up to GLORY 53, former welterweight Cedric Doumbé revealed he had grown tired of listening to fans and analysts say that he lacked finishing power, accoring to

“In my earlier career fights I always knocked people out, but I didn’t do it in GLORY yet, so I need to get a knockout in this fight with Thongchai,” he said.

And get a knockout he did, just 33 seconds in the fight.

Thongchai had marched forwards at the start of the match, looking to engage immediately, and Doumbé obliged him. Thirty seconds later they were locked in a brief clinch.

As they came out of the clinch, Doumbé let a series of shots go, ending on a short right hook. It landed flush on Thongchai’s temple and sent him to the canvas heavily.

It was instantly clear that this was no flash knockdown. Thongchai was dazed and unable to regain his feet in time for the referee’s count.

Doumbé will head to England on June 2 to be present for the welterweight title fight between Harut Grigorian and Alim Nabiyev.

According to GLORY matchmaker Cor Hemmers, if Grigorian retains the title then Doumbé is likely next in line for the title shot.

Cédric Doumbé def. Thongchai Sitsongpeenong, KO (Right Hook) R1 0:33