Malignaggi on McGregor: “I’ve never seen such a cheap guy in my life”

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Paulie Malignaggi recently left Conor McGregor’s camp on bad terms. The final straw for his exit seemed to be from releasing photos of sparring that made it look like he was knocked down, but he says there are other things outside the ring that led to that decision.

“My problems isn’t just with the sparring. My problem is the way he treats people, the way he treats the other sparring partners,” Malignaggi said on Fox 5’s Sports Xtra. “He’s on the bit on the cheap side. You have a hundred million dollar fight, you can splurge a little bit more on training camp, especially the way you treat the sparring partners and the living quarters and what not.”

“I asked for nothing, no special treatment. I wanted to be like the sparring partners,” he said. “In a bit of good faith, I wanted to go over there and stay with the sparring partners. I didn’t negotiate my price. Whatever first price they gave me, I accepted that as far as payment was concerned — which I never got paid by the way.

“I never tried to make things difficult for them, but I assumed things would be on a moderate living conditions. They really weren’t,” he explained. “A little on the cheap side, like I said.

“I put it like this, I’ve never been part of a 100 million dollar fight, but I’ve been part of multiple fights where there’s been million dollar purses in there. So once you’ve been part of 7 and 8 figure purses — 9 figures in this case — you understand how to treat this training camp and how to properly budget it without being too cheap, but without overspending. There’s people involved, and there’s a team involved, and you need to take care of them too.”

“And I’ve never seen such a cheap guy in my life, in all my training camps. I was blown away with this guy, with the treatment he’s given everybody,” he said. “But he made sure he rented himself a Lamborghini in Vegas, which was like ‘what is it about? You don’t respect anybody else? I mean these are the people helping you. Is it about status with you?’ I don’t understand what it was.”