Mayweather: ’I will fight Pacqiao in a year after his surgery’

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Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather scored a victory against Manny Pacquiao and thus continued his perfect winning streak in his professional career with 48 matches to 48 wins. After the match some claimed that the difference between the boxers was not as big as the judges saw it, while other believe Pacquiao deserved the victory. This started the rumors about the rematch.

The calculations about the rematch are also underlined by the fact that Pacquiao entered the match injured and that he could not provide the performance expected of him. Pacquiao's team is not happy with the fact that the Sports Commission denied him of injection of painkillers and as well with the fact that Mayweather knew about his injury and kept pulling him by the arm.

Mayweather did not react to allegations at first, but then he texted ESPN's Stephan Smith the following: "I will fight him in a year after his surgery".

Earlier this year Mayweather said he will do the last match of his career this year, but he is obviously willing to accept the rematch. The reason could also be the money he earned for this fight.