Mayweather on his comeback: ‘I told Triple G what he had to do if he wants a fight with me’

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Just six months into his retirement, Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to deflect questions about a return to the boxing ring and a potential matchup against the undefeated Gennady Golovkin.  Mayweather said there are two things Golovkin needs to do to earn the right to challenge him:

“When you hear stuff about Triple G, like I said before, I told Triple G what he had to do if he wants a fight with me. He’s gotta call out Andre Ward, beat Andre Ward, and then I’ll fight him. I haven’t seen him call out Andre Ward yet.”

Abel Sanchez, Golovkin’s trainer, recently said that Mayweather is planting seeds for a potential matchup against Triple G in the future:

„I think you lay the ground work, you say things to see how people react, you say things to see if it’s something that the public wants and he’s gauging that. We’ve always known that Floyd was a great businessman, so it’s all part of a plan for him. There’s nothing that he says or does that is not calculated.“

Mayweather responded to those comments by Sanchez about his plans for possibly stepping back into the boxing ring:

“Listen, if I want to fight someone, believe me, I’ll call you up. As of right now, let me rest. All I’m saying is let me rest. Let me rest. Please let me get 365 days of just rest. ‘When you gonna fight again? When you gonna fight again?’ All I want to do is just enjoy being retired. It’s crazy, I told them when I leave, they still gonna miss me.”