Media wonder why Badr Hari fights at event organized by accused war criminal

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Badr Hari vs. Ismael Londt

Chechen capital Grozny will host a very interesting kickboxing event with Badr Hari and Ismael Londt at Akmat Fight Show. The match was already to take place but it was cancel only to be rescheduled for 2015. There is no doubt the match will kick up a lot of dust in the fighting sports world.

But the most intriguing thing in the whole story is the background of this obviously rich promotion that can pay Hari and Londt. The person behind the organization is Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Chechen Republic and a man accused of numerous war crimes and breach of human rights in his „Republic“. Many believe he is the second most influential man in Russia after Vladimir Putin. He fortified his reign by killing and locking up media and reporters that criticized him, as well as his political opponents. Some were killed in Moscow, some in Dubai and some even in Vienna. Always under mysterious circumstances.

In addition to being known as a dictator, Kadyrov is also a real combat sports enthusiast who himself trained a variety of disciplines and who could also afford to pay Fabricio Werdum and Frank Mir as special guests on his shows. An interesting fact is that Kadyrov offered Jon Jones 100 thousand dollars for to come to Chechnya, but Jones decided to reject the generous offer because he felt that it would not be politically correct. Mir, Werdum and Weidman accepted the offer and posed with Chehcen fur hats with Kadyrov.

Badr Hari also appeared as a guest in Grozny where he arrived with a private plane. Badr Hari was treated like a king and they already made a deal about the new cooperation at Akhmat Fight Show.

If you wondered what Akhmat means, the answer is simple. Akhmat Kadyrov was Ramzan's fathers, also the president of the Chechen Republic executed in 2004. This fighting promotion was launched in his honor and it seems that money is not a problem…