Mike Kim: We’ll have a packed house and great crowd in Zagreb! That’s what we wanted!

K1 / BoxingHIGHLIGHTED 24.01.2013 15:51h Author:

Orsat Zovko and Mike Kim

Fight Site was the first to exclusively report that Zagreb will be the host of the K1 World Grand Prix Finals, a sporting event which definitely counts among the biggest ever held in Croatia.

However, the satisfaction with this outcome is not expressed only by the Croatian partners – the head of the K1 organization, Mike Kim, who stayed in Zagreb earlier this week, is also extremely pleased that the winner of their heavyweight tournament and of no less than one million US dollars will be decided in the homeland of Mirko Filipović, one of the best fighters of all time.

"Everything that is needed to organize a top event we got from Orsat Zovko. He definitely knows what K-1 has stood for in the past 20 years and what it could stand for in the future. I have seen for myself that the last year's Final Fight in Croatia was exceptional. Good location, great crowd and a packed house. This is what we're looking for and we believe we'll have all that in Zagreb", said Mike during his visit to the Fight Site and Fight Channel headquarters.

As a reminder, the last 16 round of the K-1 World Grand Prix took place in mid-October in Tokyo, and the best eight fighters will have the chance to win this big title precisely in Zagreb on March, 15th. Undoubtedly, this is fantastic news for Cro Cop who will, in front of his own crowd and lifted by the support of more than ten thousand fans, have an extra incentive to achieve another great success in his career.