Morosanu getting ready for Bard Hari in his own way

K1 / BoxingHIGHLIGHTED 30.04.2015 16:34h Author:

Photo: Facebook

New GFC (Global Fighting Championship) is to take place May 15 in Dubai and it will be headlined by the popular Moroccan fighter Badr Hari and Romanian fighter Catalin Morosanu. Both of them fought two years ago in Zagreb in the K-1 WGP finals. Morosanu was defeated in the first match, while Hari won the first match, but due to an injury he could not go to the semi-finals.

Morosanu wrote on his Facebook profile that he is getting prepared to face the best kickboxer today. He wrote Hari’s name on the punching bag which is obviously additional motivation. Whether that will help him or not, we will soon find out in Dubai.