Pacquiao: Mayweather knew about my injury!

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao failed to defeat Floyd Mayweather. After the fight ended he expected he would win, but he also said that three weeks before the match he injured his right shoulder.

Pacquiao even thought about cancelling the fight. Ahead of the match he expected he would get a numbing injection approved by the American anti-doping agency that he used during his preps, but NSAC showed no understanding and refused his request.

The info obviously leaked to Mayweather since his friend and counselor Leonard Ellerbe whole time claimed he knew what was going on in Pacquiao's camo.

In an interview with Yahoo's Kevin Iole before the fight, Ellerbe said: "Freddie Roach thinks he runs a tight camp, but I know everything that's happening there. I heard it's been a very rough camp. And now, I think it's dawning on Manny Pacquiao exactly what he's up against."

Pacquiao is convinced Mayweather found out about the injury before the fight through a leak.

"You saw he was pulling my hand. He was doing that because he knew," he told "He was pulling it. He was holding me, then he was targeting this. I'm sure he found out. Somebody leaked it to him. They knew."