Poor Glory TV ratings in the US: ’We go to Croatia and sell 10,000 tickets’

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World's leading kick-boxing promotion now has 22 events behind it, but its leaders are still not satisfied with the way the promotion develops in the USA. Low TV ratings and poor interest when it comes to audience made media wonder how come Glory never made it big in America.

Pat Barry, one of the biggest American Glory stars, analyzed the problem.

"People want to see a show," Barry said. "They can talk all that craziness about [being like] WWE all day and all night, but they want to see Conor McGregor. You know what kickboxing needs? They need a Chael Sonnen, a Conor McGregor. Kickboxing needs somebody who is going to play that Hollywood bad-ass movie role. But the thing is, kickboxers aren't like that. They would never have that.“

"In kickboxing right now, they don't have anybody who's annihilating everyone and just talking crazy sh*t non-stop. That would be ridiculous. Unfortunately, that's what it needs. Unfortunately, the fight game nowadays doesn't have anything to do with fighting anymore. Whoever can talk the most sh*t gets the most money. Whoever can talk the most sh*t gets the most publicity."

Another fighter with great potential, Wayne Barret, thinks alike.

"It is a different market," said Wayne Barrett, one of GLORY's most promising U.S. fighters. "People in Europe love that warrior — don't say much and go out and fight. Here in America, they want to know who you are. Who am I rooting for? Why am I rooting for you? What's your story? What's the story behind this guy? And that's just what it is."

Glory CEO Jon Franklin also does not disagree, but at the same time, he is not as disappointed with the numbers they made in the USA. On the contrary, his glass is half full and he took Zagreb Glory event as a good example. Glory 14 event in Zagreb organized in a coproduction with Fight Channel and with Cro Cop and Remy Bonjasky as the main event is definitely one of the brightest moment in Glory's history.

"We love live shows," Franklin said. "Live sports is the original reality show. It always was and always will be. That's really important. But we've got a big fanbase in Europe. We go to Croatia and sell 10,000 tickets."

Glory 23 is to take place August 8 and it will show whether the numbers in the USA will start to rise or whether it is time to go back to Europe and Japan.