Sep travels to Canada to spar with Beterbiev

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Pijetraj & Sep

Only a week after winning another professional fight in Paris, the best Croatian light heavyweight boxer, Hrvoje Sep, is back in the gym. He is to fight in another francophone country, but on the other side of the Atlantic. Together with his coach Leonard Pijetraj, Sep is to fly to Montreal where he is to train with famous Russian boxer Artur Beterbiev.

“This experience with a fighter such as Beterviev is priceless. He will definitely become a champ some time in the future. It is good we will train together in Canada where I will have to adapt do different climate and time difference because I will also soon fight on other continents,” said Sep before leaving.

After a fantastic amateur career, during which he was both Champion (Milan 2009), vice-champion (Chicago 2007), and two-time European Champion (Plovdiv 2006 and Moscow 2010), Beterbiev started to fight professionally in 2013 when he signed with Canada’s famous promoter Yvon Michel and coach Marc Ramsay.

“Of course, every boxer remembers his great victories, but he also remembers tough matches. Beterbiev is no exception. And he remembers very well that he barely defeated me at the European Championship in Moscow in 2010 and how the judges saved him by giving me warnings. At the end of that same year, Beterbiev became the best amateur boxer of the world in all categories. In his preparations for Kölling, Beterbiev remembered that match in Moscow and that is why we are flying to Canada today, although it would probably be easier and cheaper to look for Canadian sparing partners,” Sep explains.

Beterbiev’s fans asked him on Facebook why he opter for Sep while Beterviev replied: „Some day you will pay to watch Sep’s matches. We know very well why we asked him to come.“

“Sparring with Beterbiev is worth more than a match because I believe that Hrvoje will spend at least 20 rounds in the ring for two weeks. Upon returning home, we will have a short break, and then new preps. Sep is expected to have his next match in September,” coach Leonard Pijetraj said.